7 is the magic numberĀ 

Hard to imagine but there are only 7 weeks left in 2016. 

7 weeks to feel good about 2016. 7 weeks to feel accomplished in 2016. If you are like me, 2016 has not lived up to all its expectations. But I am a positive person and I am choosing to make the most of the next seven weeks. 

  1. November 14 – 20
  2. November 21 – 27
  3. November 28 – December 4
  4. December 5 – 11
  5. December 12 -18
  6. December 19 – 25
  7. December 26 – January 1

I present to you, 7 week healthy holiday challenge. This challenge is completely customizable. You choose your challenge. 

  • Set an overall challenge goal (eg. walk x miles, yoga x times, food journal everyday, etc.)
  • Set weekly goals
  • Set daily goals. 
  • Blog about it or join the JenGoesZen Community and join the discussion  

Each week, you decide your challenge and come up with a plan of execution. Focus on what is important to YOU. Focus on what will make you happy as we end this year and start a new one. 

I’ll be back tomorrowto tell you ny goals and plans. 

Until then,


I certainly haven’t blogged every day but I have blogged more this month than last. This will be my 8th post in the fieat 12 days of November while I only posted two times in all of October. I like blogging but like so many other things, it has pretty much sat on the back burner for the last year or so. 

I have already skipped days so there is no way I’m going to “blog every day this month” but I will keep on keeping on the path. I will blog often and see just how many posts I publish this month. 

This week just sort of sucked. The time change messed me up – every day after school I wanted to nap. Thankfully, I had some random weekdays off and I took advantage by sleeping in just a bit more than normal. On top of being tired from the time change, it was shark week. tired upon tired. I don’t think it’s possible to   have been any happier to have extra days off this week. 
This week was sort of great. I gave a great PD workshop at a teacher in service day. It is always cool to be the presenter of a class/topic people want to know more about and they want to learn it from you. I hit a PR on my deadlifts  (155#) and, even though I was so tired, I made it to the gym three times. One time was at 6am, just so I could workout with my girl, Kerry. I had time to get to the chiropractor. My chiro uses awesome techniques and keeps my ankle happy. 

I am getting ready for tomorrow. A bar shift followed by chores will round out my weekend. 

I am working on a holiday challenge…there are 7 Mondaysleft on 2016 arena I want to stay healthy and sane (relatively speaking) and I’d love to  have some friends along for the journey. Do you want to join me in 7 weeks of staying healthy and sane?
I leave you with this little bitstrip from 3  3 years ago. Still very true!

Update: join me on Facebook, I will post daily there about the holiday challenge. 

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Must Hit Save

A lesson for tonight: don’t switch apps without saving your blog. I had half a post written, mostly telling about the last few days. I switched apps (I don’t even know why anymore) and came back and my post was gone. 

I’ll recap in bullets:

  • The clocks fell back and I do not handle time changes well. 
  • Shark week. 
  • Life stresses  (lots on my mind with my future, career wise, and Q applying to colleges)
  • Tired tired tired Jen 
  • I did not blog, I did not crossfit 
  • I napped after school (not on Monday, that’s my double duty day)

I have today and tomorrow off from school. I’m taking advantage and being productive with my time. Today I wentered to the gym and I PR’D my deadlifts with 6 reps at 155#. I tutored for two hours. Several loads of laundry were laundered, dished were cleaned, and dinner was cooked and consumed. I will round out my productive day with a bit of yoga and writing tomorrow’s to-do list .  

Oh yeah, and I need to get all my gym stuff set out. My crazy friend always goes to 6am crossfit. On school days 6am is impossible. I don’t have school tomorrow so I agreed to meet Kerry at 6am. 

So, goodnight!


Stupid cat

Not knowing what to write, I sent out a plea for help. I asked my peeps what I should write about tonight. 

Racheal said “Motivation: How to find it and use it when you do.”


Jennifer said, “Keeping it healthy during the holidays. Water intake, exercise and not depriving yourself and not over doing it. šŸ˜Š”

Guess what….

I psyched everyone out. 

I did have plans to write about motivation. That was, until my stupid at decided to talk a walk. I really can’t blame the cat. He is simple. My stupid friend who didn’t shut my door all the way, I blame him. 

As if right now the cat is still outside. 

I am way too anxious to write. 

I’ll update. 

EDITED TO ADD: stupid cat is homloope. Approximately 3 hours into his adventure, I found him sitting on the front porch. He was cold. 

Saturday is for legs

Today was deadlift day! I love deadlift day!!

Saturday’s 7:30 class is quickly becoming my favorite workout of the week. Two Saturdays in a row of deadlifts and legs. Last week we did single-leg-sit-to-stands, lunges, and deadlifts. Today we did squats (back and overhead) and deadlifts.

My leg muscles are still very unbalanced. singe-leg exercises really point this out  to me.  Lunges really suck. I am wobbly and need to lean on a box still. I want to work on this problem. 

It has been almost five years since my surgery. Holy crap. I cannot believe it has been that long. I was supposed to have been so much further along in this healing process. I am where I’m at because I did not put in the work after physical therapy ended. I’ve basically done a whole lotta nothing.

I guess I have an actual goals for crossfit. 

Speaking of goals. I’m working on a deadlift goal. I’m not sure what that goal should be. I wonder if 200# is realistic. [I will need to make sure I pay attention to my weights while I’m lifting .  Today, I really did a number on ny head trying to remember and add up the plates I had on the bar.]

I need to incorporate hip stretches, hell I need to add all stretching period. And yoga. I need to allow myself to get back on my mat. For myself. My body and mind will thank me. 

Five years and I’m still figuring out that I’m still healing .  

Good day, good week


It was a good day. 

It was a very good week. 

I don’t often post about school but today I felt the need to write about my school week. 

Fridays at my school run differently than the normal academic routine of Monday thru Thursday. Each teacher has a special elective-type class and a workplace class. English and Math remedial/makeup classes run out a typical Friday. (I teach English at an alternative high school)

My special class is a combination of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Today was our first workplace Friday of the year and I had no idea what to expect out of the kids or their reactions. The kids loved the class. Each student was an active participant in both the discussion portion of class and the physical activity. 

I am no expert and not a certified yoga teacher. I don’t teach yoga. I teach breathing and calming techniques I have learned. I don’t do poses because I do not know alignment. I know how to stretch and so do my students. I’m teaching my students to breathe in stretches and feel it. They can use what they feel to learn how to listen to their bodies. 

It’s and way to figure out what the body needs to feel better. It’s an opportunity to feel better to feel calmer. Calmer body. Calmer mind. Teenagers and calm don’t always go hand in hand. 

I managed 35 minutes of teenagers with attention on me, the class, themselves. 35 minutes where I did not even see a cell phone. Miracles do happen. 

If I am being perfectly honest, I really needed today’s classes more than the kids. I cannot remember the last time I rolled our a mat and did any type of yoga or meditation. I’ve avoided my mat and I can only determine I was avoiding feeling something. I’ll have to ponder and bit more on this subject. regardless of the reason, until today it had been too long since I’ve yoga’d. I must remedy this. 

But I digress .  

It was a good week. 

Do you have any idea what it feels like surrounded by teenagers who absolutely hate to read and write anything other than a text message?!?  This week, however, I had a bit of a break thru with my most difficult and largest class. Most of my classes are a good mix of kids (kids who care, who don’t care at all, or who just does what’s needed, etc.). Most but not all. In one class, we’ve  had a bumpy start to the school year. This week started bad, got worse, then amicable, and finally breathable. 

I pushed myself to some new limits. I’m in my 10th year but I’m still learning. I pushed my students and their initial response was exactly as I expected .  However, they stepped up and adjusted a lot faster that I could have predicted. I really am proud of them this week. 

Speaking of proud, I am the proudest of all mamas. my Q received her first college acceptance. Said  college also offered her the presidential scholarship. I am so proud of my little girl. she WILL change the world!

I told you it was was good day!! 

It was good week!!

How was your week?

Now that it’s NovemberĀ 

Random thoughts and doings from today:

  • I need to find good  gluten free bread crumbs for thanksgiving stuffing . 
  • I really want a pumpkin cream cheese roll/thingy. I must find a GF version. 
  • It was sunny and 80Ā° today (November 3, 2016). Tomorrow is supposed to be 60Ā°. 
  • Work or life has me tired. 
  • I took advantage of that tired and the higher than seasonable temperatures to stay home from the gym. 
  • Instead, I opened all my windows wide and did a bit of much needed house work. 
  • And a little bit of prep for Fall because it is November so it’s bound to happen. I finally put all my summer dresses and flip flops in the attic. Insert sad face. This weekend I will bring down my boots. The upside to fall. 
  • This weekend the clocks fall back. it is already dark by 6….I really dislike fall back. 
  • Why do we still have daylight savings time? 
  • Next week is the dumbest school week. My kids are only in school Monday and Wednesday  (Tuesday is a teacher in service day/ NJEA convention is Thursday and Friday)
  • I am so over political commercials and memes. 
  • My husband cooked dinner tonight. He cooks dinner a lot. I know and appreciate ny big  man.
  • I love my new king size bed. I’ve been sleeping on this plush, roomy cloud of a bed for almost a week. 
  • I  presenting next week at my in service day. I worked on that yesterday and am pretty much ready .  
  • School was exhausting this week but I had kind of a breakthrough with my most difficult class. 
  • I miss yoga. 
  • I have way too many random thoughts in my head.
  • I found a new ring to replace my wedding band that broke this summer .  
  • My daughter received her first college acceptance and scholarship offer .  
  • My baby girl is gping to change the world .  
  • #life is good
  • Good night & stay tuned for more words tomorrow .  
  • I’m enjoying this #nablopomo challenge .  
  • Goodnight .