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  • I survived my first monday of the 2017/18 school year. (I bartend every Monday night from 4pm to midnightish after school from 7:30am to 2:30pm)
  • I’m attempting to be more organized. I’m always attempting to be more organized. I’m chaos. I have to be better. You’ll see why in one hot second.
  • I am teaching 5 classes this year. I am teaching four separate grade levels this year. (I teach English at an alternative high school). I have never had my grade levels so completely separate like this. I have A LOT of work ahead of me.
  • We are working on eliminating our financial stress. We have A LOT of work ahead of us.
  • I miss Q. She’s only been in college for two weeks and she’s only and hour away. Yet, I miss her likes it’s been a whole year. Did I mention she surprised me with a pop in labor day weekend? Yea, I know I’m a bit ridiculous.
  • I’ve been feeling very reflective this week and one thing keeps popping up on me…. I hid most of the summer. To be honest, I’ve been “hiding” for a year or more. Last year at this time, I was discovering a love for a crossfit-like gym. I decided to take a break from the gym for the summer. A big part of my summer budget was cancelled and I couldn’t justify spending money at the gym when we were stretched thin with with a kid starting college.
  • I thought I could and would workout on my own. Remember that hiding thing. I hid from everything. I didn’t particularly take very good care of myself this summer. I didn’t do a whole for my physical or mental well being. I didn’t workout. I didn’t meditate. I didn’t yoga. I ate like crap. I worked and ate and hid. All with my usual perky smile.
  • I miss the gym but I don’t think I’m going back. And I’m ok with it. I really want to straighten out my financial mess. To do this, I don’t think it’s smart to add any bill. It’s time to get back to my yoga, my walks, my meditation.
  • A haircut helped to start this mental ball rolling.
  • I started with hair almost to my butt and I had the dead ends cut. Then an undercut.
  • But that wasn’t enough and a few weeks later….
  • It is absolutely amazing how a fresh hair cut & color can boost your outlook. I love how my hair moves and swings. I feel feel a bit sassy.
  • I’ve been trying to put put bit of an effort into my appearance. I dab on some concealer (I have the darkest circles ALL the time. For reference, see the picture below. I’d was 23ish with dark circles.) and mascara. I’ve also been wearing dresses. Who am I?

  • I need a pedicure. I haven’t had my toes pretty in more than 2 years. Sigh. #notinthebudget #andwontbeforalongtime but it’s all good. I’m handlin’ business.
  • I’m on a roll with picking out my clothes and packing my lunch before bed. It has made school mornings almost pleasant. Yes, it is just me getting ready for school (work). I’m ridiculous in the morning.
  • I came home from work (my monday bartending gig) last night and by the time I climbed in bed it was almost 1:30am. I was tired. Yet, my brain would not shut up. I tried every trick I know.
  • My everything is giving me every signal. I must listen and figure out what I need.
  • I may have said enough for today. 😉
  • Hugs and loves!

So It Is September

Somehow summer has unofficially ended. Somehow it is September.

It is September and I am sitting in a back to school meeting. And another meeting. And a workshop. And more meetings.
For me the start of a new school year is much like the start of a new calendar year. Some people ser resolutions and goals at the beginning of a new year. A new school year is much like that for me.
There is time for reflecting on the past. What worked, what didn’t, what did I love, what did I hate. I’ve been doing some thinking and I keep coming back to this: I started strong but by the end…..yea, not so strong.
Well. This summer, I did things differently. I set two big goals and then proceeded to put them off. And off. Until I was almost out of time. Because that’s the other thing. I am also a huge procrastinator. I completed my big summer goals but it came down to the wire.
Seriously, I finished my final tasks 23 minutes before midnight on August 31st.
So, it’s September. Back to school (I started the 1st) and all that goes with it for me and Q (she starts the 8th). Routines change and we will have to find our rhythm. It’s gonna be busy: school, Applebee’s, Buskins, marching band, football games & competitions, and let us not forget maintaining the house & being a grown up and exercise, mental and physical. Like I said, it will take time but we will find our rhythm.
It is September.
A new month.
And since I just completed my two goals, I guess it is the right time to start something new.
I did a lot of walking and almost nothing else. Last night I did two PIYO workouts (define: upper and lower). That’s two days in a row. And tonight I have an Applebee’s shift which is always a workout.
Maybe a streak has already begun….let’s see how many days I can streak…but here’s the deal, my streak will include my Applebee’s shifts as a workout. Any physical activity of 30 minutes of more, even broken up in bits throughout the day.

So, who wants to go on a streak with me?!?

by the dots

  • realized I have been hiding – from life. working and paying bills and working. just surviving. not enjoying life. other than work, not really doing anything.
  • pretty much the only activity I get is my shifts at applebee’s.
  • we’ve been staying just ahead of the ball. paying bills and paying debt. not much money for fun. so we have been home. a lot. and we haven’t spent money on ourselves, the house, nothing.
  • Ive been working really, really hard at job #2. I am not getting longer shifts in busier/better sections of the restaurant. Now that school is out for a few months, I will be working 4 nights shifts per week. I am also an affiliate with Buskins but did not put in a lot of work in June. June is always crazy. CRAZY. I focused on school and let Buskins sit on the back burner.
  • I need to work more on my Buskins – I LOVE my leggings so much and need to earn enough money to buy more leggings! LOL
  • I miss my yoga
  • I need more walking
  • I need to find a balance between crazy waitressing shifts and exercise.
  • DubyaWife wrote this awesome fitbloggin recap and it got me thinking…..
  • am I still a fitblogger? It has been 3 years since I have made it to a fitbloggin
  • I barely blog
  • I have gained all my weight back, I think I am about 15 pounds away from being back  to my highest weight. I am not even trying to lose weight.
  • I barely workout. not even #wycwyc
  • I hardly qualify as a blogger, let alone a fitblogger
  • I sorta miss blogging.
  • I miss my tribe.
  • I miss my tribe.
  • why have I backed away from my tribe?
  • Big Man and I finally decided we both need to come out of our hidey-hole and be active.
  • We need to find adventure. Cheap and/or free ways to get out of the house and DO stuff.
  • We splurged and bought a Jeep. It is my dream car. About 8 years ago, we rented a Jeep Commander while we vacationed in Colorado. This has been my dream car. Big Man found a 2008 in beautiful condition. I LOVE IT!
  • I am tired of sitting around stagnant because of money and/or my weight (what can I wear, what do I feel comfortable doing).
  • Big Man is feeling the same way.
  • How can I work 4 incredibly long and exhausting waitress shifts and still manage to get in enough exercise to be fit?
  • Epsom Salt is my new (again) best friend but I still need new waitress shoes.
  • I needed this mind dump.
  • Let’s see where I go from here!

planning for the week ahead

This weekend brought on the return of menu planning and food prepping. Prepping and planning always opens my eyes to what is going on in my world!

pizap.com14270772555851Food Prep:

  • applesauce
  • roasted brussels, carrots, sweet potatoes and cauliflower
  • grilled chicken breast and irish sausages
  • hardboiled eggs
  • sage sausage patties
  • green bean salad

Menu Plan

  • Sunday ~ cross cut beef ribs (so freaking delicious, I am so glad the butcher talked me into these), baked potatoes, green beans
  • Monday ~ Beef & Chorizo Tacos, rice & beans
  • Tuesday ~ Pork Chops, fried cabbage & potatoes, applesauce
  • Wednesday ~ leftovers or breakfast (mom works)
  • Thursday ~ Chicken Thighs (I am not 100% sure what recipe to make just yet)
  • Friday ~ leftovers or breakfast (mom works)


It has been a while since I spent time planning and prepping and I have been feeling the effects. I have been forgetting to eat breakfast and then cramming all my nutrition in at lunch. Which of course, leads me to get full quickly and before I eat much. It is absolutely crazy but I have not been eating enough. I am sure my calorie deficiencies have been the biggest cause for my moodiness, headaches and general lack of energy. I let my busy schedule get in the way of taking care of myself properly.

As I was writing this post, I hopped over to facebook (because I cannot do only one thing at time) and came across this picture posted by the lovely, Pat Barone,


I keep seeing signs that tell me I need to slow down and take care of myself.

  • food – I need to eat enough and I need to eat on a regular schedule – waiting until 1:30 for my first meal is ridiculous and not good for my mental or physical well-being!
  • sleep – at least 7-8 hours makes me happy, 9 hours makes me happiest but it isn’t always possible!
  • meditation/yoga daily – if I don’t take 5-10 minutes for myself in this way, I am noticing I feel off my game.
  • walking – this past summer I was on a great walking streak and I felt great! I may not need to streak but I need to move more and walking makes me happy!
  • FUN – I have recently fell in with a great group of local women – we celebrated all of our Pisces birthdays. I am definitely going out with these women again. We had fun! Big Man and I need to get out of the house and have more fun! I have to balance all my work with some fun…it is super important and as I get older, I realize it more and more.
  • journal! I recently started a bullet journal and I am learning my way through it. I need to journal and/or blog to get out the gunk.

See – I told you, that picture/quote from Pat hit just the right nerve today!!

hoping for a chance

I-Miss-You-138I’ve struggled my whole life to figure out who I am and where I fit in. For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with feeling accepted by the world and the people around me. I never felt like people really saw me for who I was.

I don’t even know what prompted me to go to that first FitBloggin, but I remember the drive. I was SO nervous. I was on my way to meet Roni, Carla, Jeanette…these cool, rockstar bloggers I’d read and followed and looked up to forever. I felt like a teeny tiny fish and I was terrified…until I walked in. Every one of the people I was so scared to meet made me feel so welcome. Warm, genuine hugs. Oh, the hugs!

At FitBloggin, I was accepted. Everyone was accepted.

I went to the first three FitBloggin conference, and it was there that I found my people. I spent those days surrounded by people who loved and accepted all of me. My personality, my bubbliness, my gushing love, my awkward goofiness. They really GOT me, and I got them too.

And have I mentioned the hugs?


Going to Denver would be my family reunion. My biological family doesn’t get me, but my FitBloggin tribe really does. I met my best friend at FitBloggin. I met men and women I consider my true family. My tribe gets me, and I need my tribe!

It’s been too long since I hugged my best friend, my FitBloggin family, and Roni’s mom! I may not be the best blogger, but FitBloggin is part of my heart and soul. To be there this year would be the most incredible gift I could ask for.


I looked through my instagram and facebook feeds and I realize I use a lot of hashtags.

I love hashtags.

The word hashtag by itself is a fun word.

I crack myself up sometime! And I amuse my daughter and students when I just randomly use hashtags in conversation. Ok, amuse may be a strong word right there.


#jeninaction – this is MY hashtag. I started using it in January to remind myself to take action. ANY action. ALL action is leading me to the places I want to go. Action can be fitness, or mental (like resting when needed).  I use this tag when I complete a workout and I have used it on days where I sat in bed reading a book to recover from my long week.


#jenskitchen – another one of my creations. I love my kitchen…I might wish it was a bit bigger but I love to cook. I love to find and try out new recipes. So this tag is simply for what comes out of my kitchen!


#wycwyc – This tag comes from my two very good friends, Carla and Roni. What You Can When You Can.  This is a good reminder that the little things do add up. This tag takes a lot of pressure and stress off. It was this tag and my tag that got me started with my walking streak. I set out saying, I can do one mile today. Just one mile. I can do just that and that is enough. I love this hashtag; it so perfectly sums up how I have been operating best!


#rethinkyourday – when Polar launched the Loop this tag came with it! The Loop is an incredibly,motivating tool; one I wear* every single day! The tag is a reminder to rethink your normal routines to get more activity. The Loop is a bit different than other step counters as it tracks your activity and sets your daily goal based on activity, not simply 10,000 steps. My  Loop had a hand in starting, continuing and just plainly finding success with my walking streak.

#walkathome – it is no secret I love Leslie Sansone and her walk at home program. I use the hashtag anytime I keep my walk indoors. I discovered LS way back when it was “walk away the pounds” on VHS way back when my Q was a baby/toddler. I have bounced back to Leslie a handful of times over the years but this is the most consistence I have ever managed. I love it and I will continue my #walkathome adventures.  I am not sure when, but I will become a Walk Leader.

IMG_20140818_172418#gobarefoot – this one is pretty self-explanatory.  I have a severe dislike for shoes. And my feet are so much happier when I stay barefoot. In fact, any ankle and/or plantar fascia issued have been non-existent since I went barefoot. I love my gladsoles and they provide just enough protections. I wear them everywhere, school and the grocery store. The only time I wear real shoes is when I work at AppleBee’s. I am currently exploring options for wintery weather.

1408159018742#teampolar – *I am lucky enough to be a PolarUSA Ambassador. I have been working with Polar for a few years. I had been using my polar HRM prior to working with Polar and posting tons of #polarproof pics when I met Chris Z and soon after became an ambassador. I LOVE my polar products! Currently, I use my Loop more than anything else but HRM is so important. I cannot wait to upgrade to the M400 as soon as possible. #teampolar is attached to any post or picture with my loop or HRM, and me being active!


#jensjournalgang – BRAND NEW hashtag. So brand new, I just created it! LOL. I posted a picture of my hand-written food journal from yesterday. One more thing to know about me, I am terrible at food journaling. I hate calorie counting but I know journaling can be good for me.  This is certainly a work in progress but I will strive to do this every day. I made the tag because I see a few friends are wanting to jump on the guilt & stress free food journaling bandwagon I am leading! Will you join my gang?

What hashtags do you love??