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Hello, December 

I’m chillin’ in bed. I’m sick and I’ve  been in bed since I came home from work. I used every ounce of energy to get through my school day. I am fighting the inevitable sickness that I feel invading my body. However,  I loaded up on Pepto and powered through the day. 

I absolutely had to be in school today. You see, today was the start of my friend Susan’s writing challenge. I was so inspired by this challenge  (see photo below) I decided to challenge my students to join me. I put it up on the board and waited. 10 kids wrote their names but 12 showed up to my meeting today. 

I handed out 12 journals to 12 at-risk  high school kids. These kids volunteered  to write. On their own time. I did offer some incentives to joining and sticking with it, but I think that’s ok. 

I have not been too great at writing every day. I set out in November with the intention to blog every day. OMG. Why did I do that to myself? 

I’m confident with prompts and only needing 5 minutes required writing, I’ve taken off a lot of the pressure of blogging every day. Without a lot of pressure, I think I can be successful. Scratch that, I know I can be successful. 

So here goes, DAY 1: HELLO

5 minutes on the timer.GO.


I wonder if I am talking to myself on this blog. 

It doesn’t matter if I am talking to myself. When I am here and writing, it feels right. I need to get some of my gunk out of my head and this seems to be my way. 

As I get older, I realize I must do things my way. In my time. Even when it comes to blogging. I’ve been blogging for a long time, off and on. I’ve never been totally consistent. 

I may not be consistent but I am persistent. I keep coming back. 

Hello, my name is Jen. I am slowly figuring out that I will forever be a work in progress. I’m figuring out how to have hiccups (sp?) and move on without taking incredibly long breaks. 

I missed a blog post in November and the first time it was no big deal but the song time it messed with me and I just couldn’t bring myself to start back up. I am working my way to a place where I blog consistently and frequently. 

I figure my blog will be very eclectic. December will mostly be devoted to Susan’s writing challenge. After that, who knows. I want to post often. I’m trying to tell myself it’s ok to have short posts. Writing helps me. 
Hello, December!

Speaking of December, it’s a new month and that is the perfect time to set some monthly goals. 

 have three goals for December

1. actively participate in this writing challenge (my writing daily and checking in with my students; encouraging and them)

2. get to the gym 12* times. 

3. yoga/meditation – figure out when and where. it is time to stop ignoring my inner/spiritual self. This goal is a bit looseygoosey but I’m working my way back to yoga. I want to do it on a gentle and loving manner. I’ll stick to beating myself up in the gym. lol
*I say this as I haven’t been to the gym in since Friday. That makes a week tomorrow because I will not be going tomorrow either – I have eaten half a bowl of oatmeal and a bowl of rice all day. I’m somehow staving off the full blown version of this stomach thing but I have enough symptoms to make me not happy. 


Quick hit. and then some.

Hey guys!

I’m just checking in real quick. I’m at job #2 and I’m sneaking a post in between bar guests. We are dead tonight at good old Applebee’s. 

Today is Day #1 of our end of the year 7-week challenge. 

Did you set some goals for this week? did you set goals for the whole 7 weeks?

My overall challege goal is to stay gluten free. I have been very naughty letting in a lot of junky gluten.  My belly is a mess and my itching is OUT.OF.CONROL. 

My bar got busy and I couldn’t blog anymore. School was very busy and I didn’t take much of a break


 I thought I had lost yet another post. I opened my app today while eating a very quick lunch at my desk and the page easy blank. I was too short on time, and too pissy thinking I’d lost another post, to rewrite this so I just closed my app and went back to grading papers. 

So where was I?

Oh yeah, goals. 

This week:

  • Choose gluten free – as I mentioned before, I’ve been way too lax about my food choices. 
  • Choose water – since going back to school in September my water drinking totals (if I’d been counting, which I haven’t) have taken a nosedive. Drought situations. 

7 main goals for 7 weeks:

  1. Enjoy all the holidays offer me. who knows how the next 7 weeks will shape up but I refuse to spend it so stressed out I don’t enjoy life and my family.
  2. No guilt over food. Just stay gluten free.
  3. Gym. Continue to make the gym a priority. Goal is 20 workouts.
  4. Restart my yoga and meditation practices. 
  5. Continue blogging regularly. I’m really enjoying the challenge to blog every day. (and I am very aware that I have not blogged every day but I am celebrating the small success of blogging almost everyday
  6. Read one book each week. 
  7. Work on 2017 intention(s)

    Each week I will evaluate and determine what is needed for the week and I will set my goal accordingly. 

    Week 1: back to gluten free and up my water intake. 

    Stay tuned for week 2. 

    Saturday is for legs

    Today was deadlift day! I love deadlift day!!

    Saturday’s 7:30 class is quickly becoming my favorite workout of the week. Two Saturdays in a row of deadlifts and legs. Last week we did single-leg-sit-to-stands, lunges, and deadlifts. Today we did squats (back and overhead) and deadlifts.

    My leg muscles are still very unbalanced. singe-leg exercises really point this out  to me.  Lunges really suck. I am wobbly and need to lean on a box still. I want to work on this problem. 

    It has been almost five years since my surgery. Holy crap. I cannot believe it has been that long. I was supposed to have been so much further along in this healing process. I am where I’m at because I did not put in the work after physical therapy ended. I’ve basically done a whole lotta nothing.

    I guess I have an actual goals for crossfit. 

    Speaking of goals. I’m working on a deadlift goal. I’m not sure what that goal should be. I wonder if 200# is realistic. [I will need to make sure I pay attention to my weights while I’m lifting .  Today, I really did a number on ny head trying to remember and add up the plates I had on the bar.]

    I need to incorporate hip stretches, hell I need to add all stretching period. And yoga. I need to allow myself to get back on my mat. For myself. My body and mind will thank me. 

    Five years and I’m still figuring out that I’m still healing .  

    Belated Septem/Octo/ber


    Here is a quick and completely belated recap of September goals

    1. Enjoy the mornings.  I am not sure enjoying is the right word but I did give myself enough time almost every work day. I set my alarm and my coffee for 30 minutes earlier than I actually NEED to get out of bed. I read or watched TV or sat in the dark with my coffee. I allowed myself that half hour to wake up, to enjoy my coffee, and to get myself ready for the day.
    2. Wear dresses.  I wore a dress or a skirt all but 2 school days. I did not intend weekends to be included so I didn’t really keep track.
    3. Do something outside.  Does running 100m at a time during crossfit? I did not get outside nearly enough.
    4. Make every meal special. I definitely did not put enough energy into this one. I am not sure this is a realistic goal. 
    5. Down dogs didn’t happen as planned. I stretched more often but still nowhere near enough.

    Share Gif:

    Yep. Its October 5th and I’m just getting around to recapping September goals. And my recap was brief. And now I am going to cheat and add my October goals to this post. 

    • Last month I managed 3 posts including my goals for the month. In October, my goal will be 5 posts, including today’s goal post. This shouldn’t be too difficult. I have a lot to say but I need better time management and more concrete goals. 
    • Continue participating fully in my group challenge. I am loving this group challenge and for the first time ever I am going to make it through the entire 90days. 
    • Make it to the gym 15 times. That’s about 4 times per week. Totally doable and if I’m spending the money, I need to make the most of my membership. I have already gone to the gym twice this month. 
    • Stretch for five minutes daily. Since I am just coming up with this one, it starts today.
    • Journal/track my workouts. I have a new notebook just for this. I will ass in my 2 October workouts and go from there.
    • From last month, I will continue to wear dresses often, go outside and do something, and while every meal is a bit daunting I will make one meal per week special. My kid is a senior in high school so its not always easy to get all three of us together for meals. Once a week I will do my best to have a special family meal.
    • Build my new business. I joined Life’s Abundance as a field rep because I really like the products. I will work on a separate post about this new adventure but I do have a goal this month to work on building. 

    I think this is enough goals. I think this is enough to keep me focused and moving in the right direction. 

    What are your goals this month? Leave a comment or a link to your goals post in the comments. I can’t wait to hear what you are doing.

    Jen Goes Crossfit 

    I started crossfit two weeks ago. The first week I went to two classes and last week I went to three classes. 

    I have been hearing about CF for a few years now and I always thought it was something I’d never be interested in trying.  I really had no idea what CF was all about but I just knew it was too extreme for me. I thought there was no way CF was a safe workout. 

    I didn’t think I’d be able to do all that is crossfit. And dang, all I saw was the dollar signs as CF is more money than your typical gym. 

    There are other gyms in my area that offer great deals. I’ve joined one of those gyms in the past. They offered 6 months for $99 which included unlimited classes and almost 24-hour access. It even came with one visit with a trainer. The trainer was awful and the gym was not much better. At the personal training sesession I thought I was going to die. When I went to the gym, I hid out in the women’s area on an elliptical or treadmill.  

    One time I signed up for this special with the intention of starting and completing the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I loved that lifting program but I had to do it all on my own. I wound up hurting my neck. 

    I haven’t really worked out since I hurt my neck, more than two years ago. I’ve pretty much been in a funk with my health and wellness. I’ve been working two jobs and running a side hustle (buskins leggings and now, life’s abundance) and what time was left was for my family.  The more I worked the less I took care of myself. 

    So here I am.

    I joined a new gym. 

    I found friends I haven’t seen in a long while. I have even made new friends.  

    Let’s talk about the sweat. I never knew it possible to sweat as much as I have.

    Crossfit is nothing like I was expecting.  I truly thought it was going to be incredibly hard and I would hurt like I did with the trainer at the other gym. 

    It was NOTHING like that other gym. Stay tuned, next post will be more about CF. 

    Back to School & some goals

    How in the H-E-double hockey sticks is it September? 

    August just flew by in the blink of an eye. 

    I’m back to school today and I’m not entirely happy about it.  Not the school part, that part is totally awesome. It’s the summer ending part I’m not happy about. I worked so much in August that it flew by and I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Thankfully,  my friend came down and spent five days with me. While they visited I did the tourist thing and had a lot of fun in my ‘hood. 
    I want to stomp my foot and whine. I want more summer. I’m not ready for all the responsibility being a teacher means. 

    Time to suck it up. Whether or  not I like it,  summer is unofficially over and school is back in session. Today and tomorrow I have in service and my students start on Tuesday.  Today, I will learn about my new contract. Wish us luck.

    On Wednesday,  my daughter starts her senior year. Let me say that again,  my baby, my Q is a senior in high school. 

    As you may know, I’ve been partipating in a fitness/healthy living challenge. I’m working the challenge in my own special way but I am still in it. I am pretty active with my challenge group. My goal for this challenge was simply to stick with it. I am famous for starting challenges but not finishing.  

    THIS challenge  will be different.  

    So it’s September and I have been thinking about goals. Coincidentally, I came across the above “hello September” graphic and it says exactly what I’ve been thinking.  

    In the last few days, I’ve been going through my closet and pulling out my teacher clothes. I have a bunch of dresses and I hung them all front and center. I want to wear more dresses this year. 

    So my September goals are simple.the graphic is says it all. 

    1. Enjoy the mornings.  I am SO not a morning person and this summer I’ve been doing so much restaurant work that I’ve completely switched to night mode.  I am planning on getting a few minutes early so I can enjoy my first coffee without the rush.
    2. Wear dresses.  Easy enough. I want to focus on actually paying attention to my appearance, especially at work. 
    3. Do something outside.  Self explanatory here. Ask me about this, please. I tend to get stuck inside.
    4. Make every meal special.  This one to me, means taking the time to plan and eat properly. To take time for myself here. With Q as busy as she is, I’m looking forward to Sunday night dinners. It may be our on it night to sit down together for a meal. 

    I like these four focuses.  

    But wait. 

    There’s more.  

    I’m in a group and we have all been struggling.  We were chatting yesterday and it was mentioned…hold that, I’m going to copy and paste:

    “Since today is the last day of the month… How’s about we start some goal setting?  Starting tomorrow?
    But let’s not go hog wild.  Pick ONE GOAL! 

    Possible Ideas: 

     – Post once a day in this group as a check in. 

     – Enter food in a calorie tracker once per day. 

     – 30 min walking per day. 

     – Drink 72 oz of water per day. 
    Studies show if you pick one goal and stick with it for a month, then it’s a habit and then the next month we can pick another and start “stacking them” (so to speak).  
    Whaddya think?

    One small goal for month”

    My ONE goal for September 

    Can you guess? 

    Here was my response:

    “I’ve thought about this all day. I know I *need* more water and to journal my food and and and. But with school starting I know those may not happen every day. I’m setting a goal of 3 downdogs per day.  Before and after school (on school days, obvi) and before bed.”

    What are your goals for September? 

    I will bug you about your goals….will you bug me?

    New, scary things and the old self doubt

    Two weeks ago I stepped into a crossfit gym. It was a 6am class. 

    Do you have any idea how freaking early that is?!? Especially considering I often work til midnight or later. 

    I got up be before my alarm after waking up almost every hour thinking I’d miss my alarm. Am I the only one who does this?

    I think I lucked out.  I haven’t worked out in forever and I haven’t worked out with any regularity in at least a year. This was a hard workout for sure, but not too scary. 

    I think I built crossfit up so much in my head that I expected it to be the hardest workout and that I’d be puking before I went home.

    But this workout was ok..I also took it slow and did what I could without pushing myself too hard or fast. The trainer watched everything I did, ame sure I was using correct form and made sure I didn’t do too much on my first day. 

    Crossfit was hard, I was sweaty and sore, but I liked it. 

    I went to Ambitious Fitness with my girlfriend,  Kerry.  Ketry has been going to this CF gym for around 6 months  (maybe more, I’m terrible with dates) and looks amazing. You can see the difference crossfit has made to her body. Changing her eating habits and crossfit has done wonders for Kerry. She’s always been beautiful but now I think she knows and believes it. She’s a strong mama and the confidence she has now it amazibg. And Kerry was pretty damn confident  (or a great actress) when I met here. 

    How cute are we?!?

    I’ve been thinking about CF since that morning.  I liked the way you walk in and the workout is there for you. I don’t have to figure it out. I really like that it’s a group but yet individual workout.  I really like that there is a trainer or two around to check form. (I hurt my neck lifting on my own a few years ago and stopped lifting and going to the gym at that time)

    I want to go back. But CF is expensive.  Like $50 more than a regular gym….each month. But I liked it. 

    Thoughts like that have been swirling in my head for weeks now. 

    I think I’ve come to a decision.  I like CF and I want to join the gym. 

    I work my ass off to ensure my family has everything we need. I work a second job. I sell Buskins.  And I just started selling Life’s Abundance. (Let’s be honest here, I joined the two companies because I LOVE their products and selling them just helps offset my own  costs.) 

    I am not afraid of hard work. 

    So why am I hesitant about joining CF?

    • Should I spend the money? 
    • Am I being selfish if I join?
    • Will I have the time?
    • I could just workout at home….why don’t I? 
    • I could, I should, but I dont…..
    • Or other such nonsensical bullshit that runs thru my head. 

    This week, I go back to school. I will start my 10th year teaching.  My daughter starts her senor year next week. I will be 39 in February.  

    I am tired of being tired. I don’t want to be tired and out of shape forever and I’m not going to do it myself.  


    I am willing to work one extra Applebee’s shift each month, to afford crossfit.  

    Why does this freak me out?

    I know I should do it. I know I want to do it. Why do I hesitate?