• I survived my first monday of the 2017/18 school year. (I bartend every Monday night from 4pm to midnightish after school from 7:30am to 2:30pm)
  • I’m attempting to be more organized. I’m always attempting to be more organized. I’m chaos. I have to be better. You’ll see why in one hot second.
  • I am teaching 5 classes this year. I am teaching four separate grade levels this year. (I teach English at an alternative high school). I have never had my grade levels so completely separate like this. I have A LOT of work ahead of me.
  • We are working on eliminating our financial stress. We have A LOT of work ahead of us.
  • I miss Q. She’s only been in college for two weeks and she’s only and hour away. Yet, I miss her likes it’s been a whole year. Did I mention she surprised me with a pop in labor day weekend? Yea, I know I’m a bit ridiculous.
  • I’ve been feeling very reflective this week and one thing keeps popping up on me…. I hid most of the summer. To be honest, I’ve been “hiding” for a year or more. Last year at this time, I was discovering a love for a crossfit-like gym. I decided to take a break from the gym for the summer. A big part of my summer budget was cancelled and I couldn’t justify spending money at the gym when we were stretched thin with with a kid starting college.
  • I thought I could and would workout on my own. Remember that hiding thing. I hid from everything. I didn’t particularly take very good care of myself this summer. I didn’t do a whole for my physical or mental well being. I didn’t workout. I didn’t meditate. I didn’t yoga. I ate like crap. I worked and ate and hid. All with my usual perky smile.
  • I miss the gym but I don’t think I’m going back. And I’m ok with it. I really want to straighten out my financial mess. To do this, I don’t think it’s smart to add any bill. It’s time to get back to my yoga, my walks, my meditation.
  • A haircut helped to start this mental ball rolling.
  • I started with hair almost to my butt and I had the dead ends cut. Then an undercut.
  • But that wasn’t enough and a few weeks later….
  • It is absolutely amazing how a fresh hair cut & color can boost your outlook. I love how my hair moves and swings. I feel feel a bit sassy.
  • I’ve been trying to put put bit of an effort into my appearance. I dab on some concealer (I have the darkest circles ALL the time. For reference, see the picture below. I’d was 23ish with dark circles.) and mascara. I’ve also been wearing dresses. Who am I?

  • I need a pedicure. I haven’t had my toes pretty in more than 2 years. Sigh. #notinthebudget #andwontbeforalongtime but it’s all good. I’m handlin’ business.
  • I’m on a roll with picking out my clothes and packing my lunch before bed. It has made school mornings almost pleasant. Yes, it is just me getting ready for school (work). I’m ridiculous in the morning.
  • I came home from work (my monday bartending gig) last night and by the time I climbed in bed it was almost 1:30am. I was tired. Yet, my brain would not shut up. I tried every trick I know.
  • My everything is giving me every signal. I must listen and figure out what I need.
  • I may have said enough for today. 😉
  • Hugs and loves!

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