My aching back

I am sitting on my couch and I’m sorta comfortable. My back has been bugging me for days.

It started sometime Friday….a twinge, then pain. I blew it off because my period had just started and cramps and back twinges can symptoms for me. Well, a few hours after that initial twinge my lower back was full-on screaming in pain.

It hurt to stand up. It hurt to sit down. It hurt to stretch out in bed. Oh man, I was fucked. I spent the weekend alternating between the heating pad and ice pack. I consumed A LOT of advil. And I slept very little.

I hurt so bad, I called out of work. I gave up a Saturday serving shift. Then yesterday, Monday, I was still hurting so I gave up my bartending shift. (Side note here….my Q leaves for college in 3 days. Just so you have idea what it means to give up 2 money making shifts right now. ) When you hurt so much you can’t stand up, it’s going to be hard to serve food and make drinks with any speed. I still feel sort of guilty for taking off work. Yes, I know my body needed the rest but my brain can’t stop thinking about the money I could have earned.

I waited until yesterday so I could see my chiropractor. My lower back and hip flexors are locked up. Owie. I’m going back to see him today and probably one more time this week. Did I mention my daughter moves into college this week? You should see how much stuff she is taking with her!!! My chiropractor is a GENIUS! I may still hurt todsy, but my pain level is way lower than yesterday. I can’t wait to go back today!

On another note…

I’ve pretty much done nothing for days. Doing nothing gives a person lots of time to think. I have so many things swirling in my brain….Q and college, finances, work, passion, career, moving, life changes, health-me and big man, yanno, nice easy stuff.

One thing to come out of all that thinking….I need to write more, whether it’s here or in a pen/paper journal I am not sure. I want to find my zen again and I think writing will help me.


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